ESL: A Collection of Warm-Up Activities

Cover Page
My new interactive iBooks Textbook for the iPad has been approved and is currently available worldwide via iTunes.

For all you ESL teachers abroad this is the perfect way to get technology into your lesson. It's quick, it explains itself, and best of all, it's recyclable material.
For all you ESL learners this is a fun and interactive way to brush up your English skills. It's easy to understand and fun to learn with.

Try it out by downloading a sample today. If you like it, pick up a copy and be sure to rate my book write a review. I will periodically update the book so it helps to get good feedback.

ESL: A Collection of Warm-Up Activities is an interactive textbook complete with:
-12 chapters containing some of the most commonly misunderstood grammar points
-over 150 review questions
-a complete glossary with over 100 example sentences
-Interactive animations for all grammar points
-explanations for ALL review questions
-video, audio, and much more


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